Ensemble di Attacca

Ensemble di Attacca is an octet formed by group of music loving teenagers in the beginning of 2019. Who all share the same passion for making good music together. Our members are activity participating in orchestra in Malaysia such as KLPAC Orchestra, Selangor Symphony Youth Orchestra and etc. They have been participating in music competitions such as Euroasia String Competition 2019 and the 6th Hong Kong International Music Festival 2019.

They were awarded the following:
Euroasia String Competition 2019
Gold Award -Preliminary Round
Silver Award -National Round

6th Hong Kong International Music Festival 2019
Gold Excellent Award

Ensemble Di Attacca had been coaching under Mr Tony Tsao ( from Taiwan ) and Datuk Mustafa Fuzer Nawi. The group of young musicians are looking forward to make beautiful music in the future.