Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can join the Festival?
  • Everyone from all nationalities and ages can join the Festival. No lower or upper age limit in the Solo Category.
2. How do I register?
  • Register and make payment via the website, the online form will be open from 1st Feb.
3. When do I need to register?
  • To participate in the Live Preliminary, register between 1-15 Feb.
  • To make an online submission, send us the registration form together with the link to your performance before 28 Feb.
4. What is the difference between Live Preliminary Round and Online Submission?
Live Preliminary Round
  • You perform live in front of the audience and jury. Results will be announced on the day, and you collect your certificate and trophy/medal.
Online Submission
  • You record a video of your playing, upload it to YouTube, and send us the link to the video together with your registration form.
5. How will I know my online results?
  • Results from the online round will be announced by 15 April 2024 on our social media and websites.
6. How much is the registration fee?
  • The fee differs for each grade/category. Please click HERE for more information.
7. When are the Live Preliminary Rounds?
  • Live Preliminary Rounds will be held between March and April 2024. Regions include Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan and Miri.
8. Where and When are the Regional Rounds?
  • Exact dates and venues of the Regional Rounds will be released on our social media once we have finalised them. Please follow our FB page for immediate updates!

Repertoire Requirements

1. What Repertoire do I need to play?
  • Any repertoire that is taken from the ABRSM or Trinity College London syllabus.
2. Can I use past year syllabus?
  • Yes. Both current and/or past syllabi are accepted.
3. Can I choose from other syllabus?
  • No. Only repertoire listed on the ABRSM or Trinity College London syllabus are accepted.
4. How do I know which category to join?
  • The category is determined by the grade of the chosen repertoire.

Competition Day Guideline

1. What do I need to bring?
  • Your IC/Passport. A copy of your Confirmation Slip, a copy of the music you are playing to give to the judges.
2. Do I need to come very early?
  • No, you just need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your session.
3. How do I know when it is my turn?
  • Our crew will seat you in the order of performance, and will usher you on to the stage when it is your turn.
4. Can my parent sit with me?
  • Unfortunately, no. Participants will be seated at a separate area from the other spectators.
5. Do I have to memorize my piece? If I don’t memorize, will I get penalized?
  • No, Participants are encouraged to perform from memory, although this is not compulsory and no additional marks will be awarded.
6. I need a page turner, can any member or staff of EYMF help me?
  • EYMF staff and crew are on duty on event days thus are not available, participants are suggested to hire your own page turners.
7. Can I tune my instrument on the performance platform?
  • Yes, but please keep it short. You are advised to check the tuning of your instruments before your division starts.
8. After my performance, do I need to stay until the end of the division?
  • Yes, to collect your certificate and also for the prize giving ceremony, which will commence soon after the end of the division.
9. Can I leave after I’ve collected my certificate and prize?
  • Yes, you may leave after you have collected your certificate and prize.
10. Do I need to stay until the competition has ended completely?
  • No you don’t have to but if you wish to watch the other competition classes, you are most welcomed to do so.


1. Does everyone get a prize at the Regional Round?
  • No, prizes at regional level are awarded based on a point system. Gold – 80 points and above; Silver – 70 points and above; Bronze – 60 points and above. This applies for all categories and entry groups.
2. If I don’t win a prize, will I still get a certificate?
  • Yes, absolutely! Every one receives a participation certificate on the day. Gold, Silver and Bronze prize winners will also receive a Digital Award Ceritificate.
3. If I win two Gold prizes at the Regional, does that mean I get two performances at the Finals?
  • No, In the event that a participant was awarded with more than one Gold Prize in their respective category at any one region, only ONE performance will be granted for the Final Round.  Gold Prize awarded for performances on different instruments are excluded from this rule.  
4. Can parents or any representative collect prizes on behalf of the winner?
  • Yes, but the Confirmation Slip must be handed to the person who is collecting on behalf in order to receive the prize.
5. I cannot stay until the prize giving ceremony, and there is no one to collect my prize for me- how can I get my prize?
  • We will post the prize to you, at your expense. Please inform at the registration counter, and we will guide you what to do.
6. I have joined the Online Submission. When can I expect to receive my medal and certificate?
  • Certificates and medals/trophies will be sent via courier at the end of the Final Round, or you can choose to pick it up during the Final Round.
6. If I choose to pick up, what should I do?
  • An email containing a Google Form will be sent out a few weeks prior to the final round. Please fill up the form before the closing date, and we will prepare it for collection.
7. How else can I collect my prize?
  • You can also make arrangements with our team to pick it up from our KL Office at Jalan Ampang.

Final Round

1. Are all Gold Prize Winners automatically registered for the Final Round?
  • No – you are required to re-register for the Finals. Registration link will be provided to all gold prize winners via the registered email address, after each regional round concluded.
2. Do we need to pay any entry fees for the Final Round?
  • Yes, Registration fee is applicable for participating in the Final Round.
3. If I get selected for the Final Round, do I have to play the same piece I played for the Preliminary Round?
  • No, you are allowed to change the repertoire, but the same regulations apply as per the preliminary round.
4. I have decided to change my piece, can I do that?
  • Changes can be made only BEFORE the finalized schedule is published, and a change fee of RM50 applies for each repertoire change requested after submission. No more changes are permitted after the schedule is published.