Loong E-Zen

Loong E- Zen, born 2012, Malaysian. Gifted with a keen sense of hearing, she took an early interest in music at the tender age of 3. Introduced to the violin at age 4, it has since fueled her passion in music. Challenging herself and getting out of her comfort zone, she actively participates in competitions, in homeland as well as abroad, earn-ing several musical awards. She also enjoys making music with others in orchestra and took up the role of soloist in Viva Vivaldi concert 2018. She was chosen to perform in Singapore Violin Festival Gala Concert 2019 and won the scholarship for the festival the following year.

As an ongoing eort for self-improvement, she often attends music camps and masterclasses, learning from maestros such as Prof. Ithak Rashkovsky, Prof. Viktoria Grigoreva, Prof. Mike Min-Yen Chien, Mr Tan Ka Ming, Ms. Machiko Ozawa, Ms. Major Katalin, Mr. Lin Fu Hao and Mr. Su Tze-Yuan. She is currently under tutelage by Prof. Yin Ke.

Her music achievements as below:
• 5th Prize in 2022 Leonid Kogan Internatinal Competition for Young Violinists (1st Category)

• 1st Prize in Music Singapore International Piano & Violin Competiton 2021
(Violin – Open Category C – Junior)
• 1st Prize in 3rd Nanyang International Music Competition 2021
• 1st Prize and Most Promising Violinist Award in EuroAsia Strings Competition final round 2021
• Gold prize in EuroAsia Strings Competition regional round 2021
• Runner-up in 1st National Concerto Competition 2021
• Gold Prize in 1st E-Artium Piano Competition & Festival 2021 Malaysia
• Second Prize in The 2021 Indonesia International Youth Piano Competitio

• 3rd Prize in Virtual International Competition Malaysia 2020 (Violin)
• Silver prize in EuroAsia Piano Competition regional round 2020
• Gold Prize in Graceful Piano Competition & Festival 2020

• Espoir Prize in Osaka International Music Competition 2019
• 2nd Prize in EuroAsia Strings Competition final round 2019
• Gold Prize in Singapore Raffles International Music Festival 2019 (Violin)
• 2nd Prize & Sapphire Development Award in Singapore Violin Festival 2019
• 1st Prize in 3rd Maestro Taiwan-Japan International Children’s Music Competition 2019
• Excellent Award in The 6th HK International Music Festival 2019 Music Competition
(Malaysia District Preliminary-Piano)

• Soloist in Viva Vivaldi concert 2018
• 3rd Prize in EuroAsia Strings Competition final round 2018
• 1st Prize in Cheer Taiwan International Music Competition 2018