Preliminary Round Guideline

Preparing for the Competition

What to bring?

– A copy of your identification document (IC/Passport) – this can be a photocopy.
– A print out of your Confirmation Slip. Please take note we cannot register you without the slip, and any print-outs on the day will
incur a RM10 fee.
– 2 photocopies of the music score you are playing, please ensure your name and grade are written clearly on top of it.
– Water bottles. As a green campus, Sunway University strongly discourages the use of single-use plastic, hence there are plenty of
dispensers around for you to refill.
– A cardigan or light jacket in case you feel cold, and If it helps you, hand-warmers/mitten/gloves to keep your hands warm!


You only need to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the start time of your session.
E.g. if your session starts at 2:00pm, you only need to register by 1:30pm

There will be TWO registration queues, and they are labelled as SOA Gallery and JC2, please queue according to where you will be competing. If you are unsure of your group, please download the Schedule and Order of Performance Document HERE.

For registration, you will need to present:
– Confirmation slip
– IC/Birth Cert, any ID document. A photocopy or photo of it in your device is accepted.
– TWO photocopies of the music you are performing, with your name and category written clearly on top of it.
We will be giving to you:
– The participant’s badge
(Please wear this immediately and keep it on at all times, this gives you access to all the classes for the day you are competing)
– Collect the complimentary pass.
(This is a wrist-tag, please wear it immediately and keep it on at all times. Our crew has the right to deny entry to those without a valid wrist-tag.)

Entry to the Competition

Entry Pass for Observers.
This is priced at RM30 each (per day), if you wish to attend the second day as well, you can purchase a two-day package at RM50. Any persons wishing to observe the competition will have to purchase an entry pass, and this includes and is not limited to children, teachers, parents, page-turners.

Entry for Participants
Participants are given free entry to the competition FOR BOTH DAYS. If you would like to observe the competition on the day you are not competing, please bring a copy of your CONFIRMATION SLIP and collect a special pass from the Registration Counter.

Entry for Collaborative Pianists (Strings Participants only)
Pre-registered* collaborative pianists will be given a free pass. The accompanist has to collect this from the Registration Counter. Accompanists which are not on the pre-registered list will have to purchase an entry pass.
*The name of the accompanists was requested on the registration form upon sign-up, if you are unsure if you have registered your accompanist, you can check from the first email, which contained your Order Number.

Collection for Online Ticket Purchases
For those who have already purchased your day / two-day passes online, please take note that you do not need to print your ticket(s). There will be designated “Collection” counter on the day, please quote your Order Number, or Ticket Number to collect your tickets (this will be a wrist-tag).

Warm-up Facility

There will be 4 units of digital pianos available for warm up purposes. These are available on a first come first served basis. Please be considerate to others and and only use it briefly. Please bring your own wired Ear/Headphones – If you are not using one, then please only warm-up silently (with the sound off). Strings participants, if you would like to warm-up, you may make use of the hallways outside the registration area.

During the Competition

Before the session
Participants need to report to the crew 10 minutes before the start of your session (E.g. if your Session starts at 10am, please be at the competition room by 9:50am.) with your Confirmation Slip. The QR on your Confirmation Slip is required to take your attendance, and our crew will seat you according to the order of performance.

During the session
Please remain in your designated seat for the entire session. When it is your turn to perform, the emcee will announce your name, and our crew will usher you on the stage for your performance. When you are finished, please return to your designated seat.

After the session
The prize-giving takes place as will take place shortly after the end of each session, please ensure your confirmation slip is with you, as we will be collecting this back from you. You may leave the competition room after you collect your prize/memento. To facilitate the next session and to prevent crowding, our crew will need clear the hall after each session.

Comment Sheets

The comment sheets from the jury is sent automatically to the email you have entered during registration (the same one which your confirmation slip is sent to). These are automated and will be sent out once your session is completed. Sometimes, this gets bounced to your spam/junk folders, so if you don’t see it in your inbox, please search your mailbox for emails from ‘Competition System’ – [email protected].

Prizes, Trophies, Certificates and Eligibility for the Final Round.

Prizes are awarded on a point system and can be withheld subject to the juries decision.
Minimum points are as follows: Gold – 80 points and above; Silver – 70 points and above; Bronze – 60 points and above; Unawarded – 59 and below.
Please take note that marks are not released.

Trophies & Certificates
Each participant receives a Certificate of Participation and a Gold/Silver/Bronze trophy, or a memento.

Award Certificates
Award Certificates (for those awarded with Gold/Silver/Bronze prizes) will only be issued digitally at the end of the Preliminary Round period. These are sent to the email you have entered during registration (the same one which your confirmation slip is sent to). If you wish to have a print-out of the Award Certificate, this can be made available and couriered to you, at your expense. You can read about the Digital Certs HERE.

Eligibility for Final Round
Only Gold Prize Winners are eligible to sign up for the finals. If you would like to participate at the finals, ou will need to re-register. A sign-up link and information on the Final Round will be emailed out to eligible participants, so please keep a look out for that.

Pedal Extensions

For participants requiring pedal extensions, you are advised to bring your own to ensure you are comfortable with the device. Our piano sponsor has very kindly provided two pedal extensions and these will be available in JC2 and JC3. You are welcomed to make use of these but we will not be held responsible in any way if they don’t work the way you are used to. Please take note that you are responsible for installing/removing the device, our crew will not be able to help with this.