Timmy See Lok Tin

Timmy started his musical journey at the age of 4, and always shows a great interest in piano.

He won his first gold prize award at the 5th Hong Kong International Youth Performing Arts Festival 2017 at only the age of six. In the year 2019,he represents Malaysia to go to Taiwan and Singapore to enter the Cheer Taiwan International Music Competition and Singapore Raffles International Music Festival, won the second prize award and outstanding performance award.

Prior to the pandemic lockdown,Timmy has been online training under the University of Malaya professor Dr.Wang I Ta.Besides the international competition,he also actives in local competitions as well. In 2022,he participated the Steinway Malaysia Youth Piano Competition and performed at it’s award ceremony. In the same year,he was awarded the Gold Prize at the EuroAsia Malaysian Piano Competition at the preliminary round.And finally,he won the most promising pianist at the final round.

Now,he continues his musical journey with the tutelage of the pianist Sylvia Loh.